April 08, 2011

Great Conversations....

At Little Design, we do manage to have great conversations:
  • Who are we (CSJs)? 
  • What are we about? 
  • Were are we headed?
Over the past few months, we've had the opportunity to expand the conversations. We have the regular conversations in our living room, but we've had the opportunity to share our dreams with other sisters who've happened by for one reason or another. Great!
Then as the conversation grows, others hear the new life and new energy and want to know what's going on. We've been able to share some of the hopes and dreams with various sisters in and about St. Louis, and with others by phone and email. Great!
So whose idea was it to launch a facebook group and invite all the CSJs we know across the globe??? Well, that idea was the result of one of those conversations, and the question:
  • Are there others out there who share the hopes, dreams and enthusiasm for an emerging CSJ future? 
- - - well as it turns out, yes there are! Great!
There have been more conversations which have fanned the flame of hope. There are conversations online and side conversations that help to refine and clarify the hopes and dreams.
The most recent addition is an online survey seeking sisters' input on some key issues we've been discussing:
  • Religious vows
  • Group living in community
  • Canonical Status
  • Readiness for more conversation, or for concrete plans and action

As our Lenten journey continues, I think I too am in a mode of listening - listening to the Spirit, and listening deeply for the movement of the Spirit in the hopes and dreams of my sisters. I also feel the rising hope of new life - the "greening" of springtime, a "greening" of CSJ life and ministry. This greening does not replace the dominant story of the graying of CSJs, but weaves in a delightful counterpoint to it - a symphony that unfolds as we each sing the melody of who we are and who we are called to be. And so the conversations continue....
P.S. CSJs who want to participate in the survey - friend me on FB or email me @ ahereford @ csjsl.org
P.P.S.: My article in Review for Religious

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  1. Sounds like you have some interesting things going on - I'll be interested to hear more.... Shannon