February 13, 2011

Echo of an email from a year ago....

Why did you enter?
Why do you stay?
What gives you energy?
What sustains you?
Where will we be in twenty years? Ten? Five? Tomorrow?
Where do you see yourself?
Do we create?
Do we wait?
Where is the Spirit in all of this?

On the edge of possibilities....
Take the plunge?
What will it look like?
One? ... or more?
Energy and life ... expanding ... creating ... where will it lead?
For ourselves, for the people of God, for vocations, for all of our sisters....

Yes, these are exciting times - the Spirit is moving .....
--Amy Hereford


  1. Wow - it is definitely a call that I can resonate with and that I will have to pray with!

  2. may the Spirit continue to move and open all to grace