February 03, 2011

Adding Poetry

I thought I would add a little poetry from prayer this morning to Amy's great poem last week:

Your arms holding me--
gentle, firm, secure, restraint--
losing me in You

I've been writing a lot of Haikus lately.

Two snow days this week. We did have school today. I did fine until the hill into the parking lot. I ended up backing into a spot on the street only to realize that there is no parking on that side on the first Thursday, which today is. (Yes, I did think that there was little chance of any street cleaner coming by, but I suppose I hoped maybe a plow or something--to no avail.) So, I continued backing my way down the hill to a spot on the other side of the street into which I parallel parked. Needless to say, I couldn't start up the same icy hill this evening from halfway up, so I backed down the rest of the hill and turned at the nearest stop sign. I think we could ice skate on our yard here. I know we could skate on the sidewalk.

I am working on my seventh novel (reading not writing) since Christmas and have enjoyed the resurgence into one of my favorite pastimes immensely. I read the three books in the Hunger Games series and am on the third of the Inheritance series. As the last I count all the middle school literature I've amassed looking for the next book to read in class. I'm looking for a good one based in South America if anyone has any good fifth grade recommendations. I'm kind of a stickler for high quality literature, though, so be picky.

Next week our leadership is meeting for their monthly gathering. A few of them have mentioned that they would like to get to know me a little better, so I am plotting and preparing a little art "exhibit" sharing some of my story through poetry, pictures, and art. We'll see how that comes together this weekend.

At this point in the evening (nearly 8:00), I am ready to brush my teeth and change into some pajamas. No, I'm not quite falling into convent hours at this early age; Thursdays are my long work days--7:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.--and for those of you who have never taught, it is exhausting to be "on" for that many hours straight. So, onto one my other favorite pastimes--teeth brushing--then prayer, then hopefully to finish the last forty-six pages in my book.

Friday looms large!


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