February 18, 2011

A New Voice

I have not posted on this blog before. I too am a csj, and belong to the Little Design. Belong being the operative word. I really feel like I cannot help but be a part of this Design as long as I live. We talk about the design of lace, the weaving of threads and the life it involves. The thread that is my life is in the middle of the Little Design.

The picture here was taken while I was on vacation. Where I was at on vacation does not matter so much as the memories of the people and the way I was on vacation. It was a good vacation with happy shared memories. Was the weather good? Not really, but the people I was with, now that was another matter. That was the real reason the vacation was good. That is what made the scenery so nice, and the weather not so bad. So it is with life. The people that I travel with are what make the difference. Sometimes the weather is bad, but what I learn is how I see the beauty in the storm, just as the sun is coming out of the clouds in this picture.



  1. thank you all for sharing!!!!! Will give me food for the journey ahead!!! Hope to meet some of you in person in St. Louis in July!!!

  2. Great - let's keep on the journey - but sunshine never hurts you know.... :-) Amy