November 24, 2010

Busy About Thanks

Thanksgiving weekend. Half of the fifth grade must have begun celebrations early today, as I had lots of students absent. But, it has officially begun for all of us now. As I type, I am sitting with community watching a (LONG) documentary on the Mayflower. Sandy loves documentaries and she got to pick tonight. We're having a movie marathon of sorts for those of us who are home on various days this weekend. I'll be heading tomorrow to see my family, but I should be back for the Saturday and Sunday flicks.

We are blessed to have a college student living with us from Wisconsin who is doing an internship at school. Erica is great. She has joined right into prayer and even cooked dinner last night. There are not too many college students who would be willing/interested in living with a group of nuns for a month. We've got some St. Louis sights planned amongst the school days.

In other exciting news, I am meeting with leadership this Saturday about my request to make final vows. There is lots of conversation to be had and I am excited to be at a place to have it.

I can't believe that November is almost through and that Advent begins this weekend. Who knew?! My spiritual director asked me yesterday what I had planned for Advent. I haven't given it much thought, but I do always love Advent, so I'm sure some personal theme will arise.

Mostly just school, community, and prayer. I wish the ordering of this were a little different, but school is taking lots of time right now. I can't wait until next year when I have even half of what I need created. I like to think I'll have a bit more time next school year. One can hope.

That being said, God continues to call and request my heart and my time. Those little moments of quiet and prayer, wherever they may be, keep me whole and in love.

More as the season moves on...


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  2. We enjoyed having you and Erica for Brian's birthday and for Thanksgiving! Always thankful for new faces at the table! Love you...MOM

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  6. What news concerning your request for vows?