October 17, 2010

Managing Life

Yes, as my dad writes, it is time for a new post--busy or not. Busy it is. It is my first year at a new school, new curriculum, new staff... Although I am living back at the motherhouse, it is a new community and new space, physically and personally. So, I am busy. Sandy, one of the sisters with whom I live, has been giving me suggestions on how to better "manage my life," and I'm trying, but I think it will take awhile. A few days ago I was out running or walking or something, and I was caluculating in my head how many hours I worked last week. It is an occupational hazard in which one should never partake.

Community is great. Right now we have someone in every phase of formation with others interested in joining us. There are some 370 CSJs in the St. Louis Province, so three or four coming in might not seem like a bunch to some of the group. But, when it doubles the 55 and under population, it is huge for us. We are having Friday night dinners (open invitation for anyone in discernment) to eat and pray and play. So much fun. Great energy in the now. Great hope for all that is to come.

I did make the trek back down to Ripley for the dedication of the church. That was a phenomenal event. The church is beautiful. Nothing in comparison to the radiance of the people, but pretty nonetheless.

Last weekend I did mission appeal talks at a parish three hours from here. I went to mass six times last weekend. I would say I'm done until Christmas, but I do like the Advent masses way too much to do that. It was the first time that I have ever done something like that in Spanish. When people ask how it went, I tell them that I read very well. Always some new adventure.

Other than that, it's mostly school, a little volleyball, and as much time enjoying the beautiful fall weather as I can fit in. I'll try to include updating the blog here a little more as I learn to "manage my life."

Happy autumn.


  1. awesome to hear that things are well! Please say a couple extra for me as I look to joining my local community....time and God will tell...

  2. I just thouht I'd leave these lyrics with you: (to God) I pray you'll be our eyes...and watch us where we go.....and help us to be wise...in times when we don't know.....let this be our prayer..when we loose our way...lead us to place....guide us to your grace.... to a place where we'll be saved....I pray we'll find your light...And hold it in our hearts...When stars go out each night...Let this be our prayer.....When shadows fill our day...lead us to a place...guide us with your grace...give us faith so we'll be safe...And we'll remember... we are all God's children...We ask that life be kind...and watch us from above...We hope each soul will find..Another sol to love... let this be our prayer...Just like every child...Need to find a place...guide us with your grace..give us grace so we'll be safe... -K._.Volley Ball pLaYeR

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XfJZg3osHI

    the ^lyrics 2 the song.......isn't it beautiful..?

    This is the song from the lyrics above.....