January 01, 2011

Blogging Update

Happy New Year! What a year it was. We just had a great retreat during which we were invited to review the year that was and look forward to the year that is now upon us. Twenty or so of us here at the motherhouse, plus another twenty or thirty that joined us from across the country and the world. It was amazing to know that our sisters in Gulu, Uganda were able to hear the same talks and prayers.

School starts on Monday. I'm almost ready in terms of lesson planning. I will hopefully get just a tad more done tonight with time to finish up tomorrow. Even though I do love what I'm teaching and the girls whom I am teaching, I wouldn't complain about a few more days off.

Okay--blogging update. For those of you who have been loyal followers, you may or may not even remember when and why this blog was started. Amy set it up when I began the novitiate. The plan was for the sisters with whom I was sharing community during the novitiate and myself to take turns updating people on novitiate happenings. I think all of the sisters might have posted once, and then I just kept it going as I have moved and moved again. At this point I'm finding it difficult to keep up (as is obvious in the month spans between postings). A group of us here has been talking for some time now about doing a joint blog again. So, I think we're heading that direction. No fear (as if anyone is afraid)--I'll still post at least once a month (I know you're relieved). You'll just get postings in between that will add charm and life to all that is the internet. So, until next time...keep up those New Years resolutions and enjoy all that our amazing God has to give.


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Happy New Year. I visited Elise at Sanctuario Sisterfarm last week and she was asking about you. I'm so thankful for your blog.