August 04, 2010

Assembly 2010

Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. That's what the last week has seemed like. I will say that nun meetings may or may not be in one's traditional form. Our first full day gathered was a day of reflection on Consecrated Life--i.e. What does it mean to live Consecrated Life today, and what does the life look like? It was a fabulous day with a great turn out. Amy started the day using official church documents interlaced with some of the thoughts of contemporary scholars to explain where thoughts of the life have alternately spread and come together. I actually gave a little piece in the afternoon using stories from my few years to illustrate how the life looks in concrete. We've already had a follow up meeting to that day to see what we do next.

Friday's "meeting" was an all day workshop on non-violence, a.k.a. "Peace Building." A side column of my notes from that day restates non-violence or peace building in yet other ways: the love that does justice, not just looking at the violence but building a culture of peace and love, relieving suffering--enhancing potential, difference without division. One of the thoughts offered for reflection was, "If I were not afraid I would..."

No meetings would be complete without a social gathering (as if that's not the real purpose of the whole gathering). So, Friday night a group of us came together for root beer floats, Bunco, and a game called Things. Any excuse to get together and play.

Saturday was the business side of things. We actually began with prayer that capped off this past year dedicated to reconciliation. In various stages we had contributed threads to the healing hoop that was completed, blessed, and hung as part of the prayer. We got a rousing invitation from the vocation/formation team to continue to INVITE people to share the charism with us. We heard from our province team as well as our congregation leadership and did some shared visioning for the future. Different committees gave brief progress updates, etc., etc. The day ended with a cemetery blessing at the new plot where our sisters are buried. It was an awesome, tear-filled, celebration of life that has been and continues to be.


  1. Good recap - let's INVITE!!!

  2. Sarah,
    I love reading your writings and seeing your posted pictures. THANKS for continuing to update your blog. I for one love checking it out when times allows!!

  3. Great commentary on the weekend of Assembly and thanks for the pictures....Linda

  4. All right, Sarah Jane - time for a new update! (busy or not). Dad

  5. Happy Birthday, beautiful one!

  6. Sarah, I have been trying to get in contact with you! I want to be a sister, too. Sr. Joan Mitchell told me about you at the LA province there a directory with your e-mail or could I call the center in St. Louis to somehow get in touch with you?

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