February 07, 2010

Youth Convention 2010

Just returning from a weekend in Jackson with our wonderful young church. Two late nights, some great prayer, jazzy music, and lots of laughs later, I am recovering here with a laptop and the Superbowl. It was the 50th convention for the Jackson diocese with a theme of "Solid Gold." Every group prepares a skit of some kind. St. Matthew did "The Three Little Pigs," novela style--hence the pig noses. The music group Popple provided us with songs about peanut butter sandwiches and bank robberies, and we held our breath (okay, so some people actually cheered) as we waited to see if blindfolded volunteers would end up with flour and eggs on their heads. We followed that up with mass and Eucharistic adoration, pizza and a dance party. While I am always tired after such an event, I am also energized and glad for the opportunity to spend the weekend with such wonderful young people.

Our young church group here was honored with the overall "Cross Fire" award for Parish Ministry, Community Service, and Christian Unity. They were half sleeping when their name was called and weren't expecting anything, so I don't think they really heard their introduction, nor do I think they really understand why they received the award. They are such an integral part of our parish, helping with religious education, planning and executing Vacation Bible School, dancing, leading the rosary, staying to help clean up. They are our Sunday choir. There is so much we couldn't do without them. So, a big shout out to awesome teens who are such an example to the rest of us of how to use our energy for the people of God.

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  1. looks like you do have an awesome group of youths!! :) I pray the fire continues in each of them!