February 18, 2010

Spilling into Lent

So, yesterday, Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, a fasting day, started in high style. I typically eat all day long, so fasting is not something that sits well with my stomach--literally. I was thinking, "Maybe if I eat a bit of oatmeal rather than cereal, it might last a little longer." So, I fixed that little bowl of oatmeal, added a few blueberries and was bringing it to the table, when somehow, I managed to drop it. Didn't trip, no explanation--dropped. Ceramic bowl on ceramic tile--nothing broke, but no one could not have made me believe that oatmeal could splatter like that. Eight feet out, six feet up, smeared all over the floor and wall and anything else it could possibly hit, with little blueberries popping like big paintballs upon impact. Pretty blue streaks like a child's fingerpaint all over our pretty kitchen walls. 5:45 a.m., maybe 6:00 by now, I kept the kitchen in dim light and wiped up as best as I could not really wanting to see all the damage. Then went ahead and poured myself that little bowl of cereal.

Funny God.

Happy Lenting.


  1. who says God doesn't have a sense of humor??? I have many tales of his lessons....he does have intersting ways of getting them across!

  2. Sort had the same experience with the electric egg beater and whipcream which flew all over the
    kitchen. You would not believe how long it takes to turn the thing off or put it back in the bowl. Life lessons.
    Happy lent,
    Nancy in Atlanta

  3. Even though I had heard this story over the phone, I still enjoyed reading your written description. Sarah girl, you have such a way with writing. Thanks for sharing your gift with any of us reading!!

    Seriously, I could picture that blueberry-spotted-oatmealed kitchen along with your face staring in disbelief.

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  5. Sister, you've shown on your blog your love for your nephew. Could you explain why the CSJs are publicly supporting the Senate version of the Healthcare Reform bill--which many (including the USCCB) have pointed out does NOT prevent funds from being used to support abortion?

    The following letter by NETWORK does not reflect well on Catholic sisters:

    What in God's good name is going on in the orders!?

  6. Adding to that last:

    "Six Ways the Senate Bill Supports Abortion Funding" (NRLC):


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