September 13, 2009


Last Thursday my crazy dad drove down for our home volleyball game and then back to St. Louis again. Crazy--yes, but it was great to have him there. At one point I looked up in the stands and couldn't find him, only to catch him sitting among the thirty or so high school boys teaching them appropriate volleyball cheering. Thank you dad!
This weekend I traveled south to Okolona to be with some of our sisters there. Our leadership was meeting and invited the sisters in the MS/AL area to join them for some conversation and community. I went a night early to hang out and ended up, as I always do in Okolona, spending Saturday morning doing physical labor. Four of us moved all the major appliances and big furniture pieces out of a home. I did get to ride on the back of a trailer around town holding various pieces in place. After our sharing time Sat. afternoon, we headed to a catfish restaurant near Okolona. Who'd have thought one could get such great catfish in the middle of the woods in northern Mississippi?!
Everything is in full swing here now. Tomorrow we re-start our adult English class and Wed. will be our second night of religious education and youth group. Our first week was a good one. After making pizza I used Lectio Divina to pray with the teens. I was so impressed with their sharing and always to their openness to new prayer styles. Hopefully the rest of the year will be as good as the first night.
No volleyball games this week. Instead I head back to St. Louis this coming weekend for my brother's wedding. Will be fun to connect with family that I haven't seen in a while. Should be a beautiful sacrament.
Peace on your week.


  1. Sarah,
    You are certainly on the go and busy about God's work.
    Have a good week!
    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. Sarah,
    Your dad is amazing, but then, so ARE YOU!!
    I so enjoyed our time in Okolona, short as it was. Quality time not quantity, right???
    Becky further south!!!

  3. "I did get to ride on the back of a trailer around town holding various pieces in place."

    I have a problem with this...You are not a human bungee cable! Just because you serve God doesn't mean you have a right to be careless with your life (is that what they teach in religious orders these days?!).

    On your (Happy--I hope) Birthday, you apparently need some reminding of how precious and irreplaceable you are to so many.

  4. Based on the pictures you attached i'dve thought you would have gotten more comments!! Your dad is one funny man!