September 16, 2009

Birthday "Non-"Party

I cannot tell you the looks I got from a few when I explained what I had in store for my day: teaching, volleyball practice, religious education, and youth group. What, no party? I can't tell you what a great party it was!

I had three phone calls before Kate and I finished prayer this morning, two more before school started. I think I had three when I checked at lunch, and five more when I started towards volleyball. Another three between then and religious ed., and a final five from then until the end of youth group. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to answer any of them. But, I did get some fun songs--sung and recorded--and some very sweet messages. I did, finally, get to answer the last two phone calls of the night.

At the end of volleyball practice I told the girls that I had two gifts for them. The first was that I was headed to St. Louis for my brother's wedding this weekend, so they do not have practice. The best gift I could have gotten...are you ready for this...they groaned. "Can't we practice anyway?" Music to a coach's ears. They did cheer when I told them of their second gift--cupcakes.

Religious education is always fun. We worked on trying to learn double-dutch. We weren't too successful. Then, instead of donuts tonight, Kate had a big cake made for me. I got a beautiful Spanish song sung and subsequently got my face pushed into my cake. Had to see it coming. Fun colored icing up my nose. Youth group was fun as usual. Human pyramids and prayer. What more, really, could I have asked for?


  1. I didn't know you were a fellow Virgo - my bday is Sept 10 and I turned 40 this year!! Happy bday to you and I hope that all your comings and goings were as fun as they looked in the pictures - especially the cake!! lol God bless your new year of life with fun surprises and much joy!

    Paula Terese


  3. Okay now, what did the cake look like after your face visited it?

    The folks there must really love your enthusiastic fun!!