October 02, 2009

Thought I'd Share

One of the birthday gifts I got this year was a fabulous homemade t-shirt through which I get to share my adorable, little nephew. I had to share it with you in picture here.

I also thought I'd throw in a wedding picture of my handsome brother and gorgeous sister-in-law from the wedding two weekends ago. (When I get the pictures from my sister's wedding this past summer, I'll post one of those, too.)

It has been a wonderful week. We went from hot and humid, to having 18--yes, count them, 18--days of rain in a row (there was actually a count on the front of the newspaper), to this amazing, fall-ish weather. I ran with my volleyball girls today during seventh period athletics and then again after school. After school, I went to the lake near here, ran a bit, then laid on the dock and listened to the water rippling in the wind. Then home for some delicious homemade chicken nuggets--it might be my new specialty--to here on my living room floor sharing my day. The football game is away tonight, so I didn't feel obligated to go. I will, however, try to make it to the cross country races tomorrow morning. Then off to spiritual direction. It has been way too long and I am in such different space now than I was the last time I went, I doubt Sr. Eileen will know what to do with me.
This week has been one of desire. I have been e-mailing a delightful young woman, currently in college, who is considering religious life as her vocation. Her sharing about her relationship with God and her hopes for deepening, expanding, and using that are inspiring. I suppose it is like any love relationship; there are times when the sparks are flying and there are times when it is a slow, steady burn. My prayer today was that I allow myself the emptiness for God to enflame my heart.

For now, maybe some ice cream and a movie. Happy weekend.

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  1. Love the pictures and your haikus and just all that you wrote about.

    18 days of rain? Ripley has passed Mobile in that record! We get a lot of rain here but can't remember 18 days straight. Should you get another rain barrel???????
    Guess who?