July 03, 2009

On Location

Two weeks of summer camp and a few days at the motherhouse later, I am now at my mom and dad's preparing, with the rest of my brothers and sisters, to drive to Springfield, MO for my sister's wedding this weekend.

After visiting Mobile for a few days, I rounded up some of our Ripley youth for two weeks of Glenmary summer camp. The rustic setting, awesomely hot temps, and wonderful counselors from all over the country provided lots of wet and wild entertainment.

The last few days have been spent touring CSJ and St. Louis sites with a friend. Some fun gatherings and full days.

When I got to my mom and dad's last night it was just in time to help my brother and sister-in-law (a different set than the one getting married tomorrow) pack vans and load trailers with belongings to bring to the new house they had just closed on. So last night I unloaded furniture and scrubbed bathrooms. A really cute house with lots of potential not far from the motherhouse, actually. I'm sure they neighbors were wondering just how many people were moving in with all of the family help that had taken over their part of the street.

And now, wedding time. I'm hoping to have a little time to head to the store this morning before driving down to Springfield, MO. The girls have a hotel room together where we will paint nails and primp in high style. That is, after we decorate and get everything ready, of course. So many family happenings these next months. Lots of trips to come.

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