June 11, 2009

Vacation Mini

From Jackson to Mobile to a quick day trip to Biloxi and back. While it seems like a whirlwind to write, it was actually a relaxing long weekend.

I stopped first in Jackson, MS to see Sr. Donna. We had dinner with a two week volunteer there to help with a summer enrichment program. Sunday I had the opportunity to pray with the congregation at Sacred Heart in Camden. Sacred Heart is different from my usual St. Matthew's community, as it is primarily African American, a culture very much reflected in the liturgy.

Sunday afternoon I then headed to Mobile, AL to be with my good friend Sr. Becky and her family. I just sent them a thank you card this afternoon, thanking them for opening all their doors for me--front door, a bedroom door, the refrigerator door... Becky and I always have a great time together, doing a catching up sharing of the heart. There was time for sleeping in, doing puzzles, taking walks, eating ice cream--the usual R&R activities.

Tuesday morning we left for a day trip to Biloxi, MS. We started with a walk on the beach. The beaches in Biloxi are protected with little island reefs out a bit, so there are no waves and the water is very warm. We didn't have time to swim, but I did, of course, manage to get the bottom of my capris wet and sandy. Luckily they were dark colored capris and the mess was not noticeable as we then headed to a wonderful, French restaurant called Mary Mahoney's for lunch. We met Clare, a young woman interested in our community, and her family there for a delicious lunch. Dessert was included in the meal, but unfortunately, I was so stuffed by then that I'll have to go back some time for the bread pudding. Even better than the food was the company. Clare and her family are great fun. We were regaled with wonderful tales of family history, heard some funny jokes that I wish I could remember, and were even treated to seeing her grandmother's martini stockings she had on that day. Clare and her mom will be joining me on a trip to St. Louis in a couple weeks, and I am looking forward to it already.

Yesterday, on the way home, I stopped at the camp where I will be spending the next two weeks (so don't look too much forward to a post during that time). It is a Glenmary church camp, to which a dozen or so of our young people will be attending. Mass in the morning, arts and crafts, swimming. I'm helping with "Catholic Corner." Pretty rustic, as camp should be.

Anyway, there's the update. More when I get back from two weeks on bunkbeds and camp food.

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