October 08, 2008

Handing Overs, Gales, and Marshmallows

There is something comforting about the ability to turn things over to God--the Eternal Embrace. While I know that God always watches over those I love, whether I hand them over or not, it is then not my burden. I know they are being taken care of in a way I can never match.

My extra-curriculars were very fun this evening. We got soaked at cross country practice. It was kind of drizzling during our warm up, but it turned into a full-fledged gale as we started our sprints. So, practice was cut short which gave me time to wash my car and get dinner before religious ed.

I did a modified cosmic walk with my seventh and eighth graders, first having them guess where on the timeline stretched out across the parking lot different events would fall.

It was team/leadership building activities with the high school youth group. We had out tennis balls, blindfolds, marshmallows, you know, all the usual from my bag of tricks.

Now, it is past my bedtime as usual, so a short posting it is.



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  1. My dear friend, Sarah Jane,

    Absolutely loved that work of art: I both saw and I believe actually caught that deep-down spark of which you spoke.

    Yes, the handing over (rather than the letting go, eh?) It creates for me an image of my being involved in the process--thanks to Joan Voss for that distinction.

    You know that I am with you in the handing as well as doing a bit of handing over myself!

    Off to Racine, WI in the early a.m. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to take time for a retreat: time to pray, rest, journal and in this case walk the shores of Lake Michigan--with a jacket on!

    Love to you, Sarah. I so like the things you are doing with the different groups with which you meet.