October 14, 2008

No Set End

When I was in college and stopped to breathe, I remember my campus minister saying that maybe it was a chance to let God catch up. Sometimes in the formation process I've gotten frustrated with various directors or sisters in leadership slowing me down in one way or another. Eventually, maybe, I'll get the hint. Today it was funny to consciously say, "I don't need to move on this right now." Part of it, I think, is that I'm still adjusting to not having an ending date on my time here in Ripley. It's not like a year in college where each year ended with exams spring semester and I returned in the fall to a new dorm, new season, new classes. It's not like the last four years of formation that were marked in one year, four month, three month intervals. I can be Gospel Love in the moments that mark each day and I can be Gospel Love in the years of commitment to a place and a people. I don't know where God will call me, or for how long. So, my prayer is for the joy of knowing and giving Love from sun up to sun down, and, if I'm lucky, even in my dreams.

That being said, the hours in the career office are too good for planning. I've got too many ideas for summer programs than can possibly fit into one summer. I suppose I'll see which ones stick and toss those around with some interested parties and see what floats. I've had lots of time to study Spanish (although I am stimied at the reflexive direct object nouns and pronouns--will have to study that again tomorrow) and to read up on English Language Learners myths, best instruction practices, etc. Maybe I'll look back at my time in the office as a great learning opportunity for myself.

Off to pray.


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  1. Sarah,
    I am sure this continuing to be someplace for more than 3 months or a year is new and different... a kind of investing oneself differently as the loving continues to manifest in the daily
    stuff of living. Keep breathing
    in the goodness around.
    Nancy in Atlanta