October 02, 2008

Moving Right Along

Common questions from my days:

"You're not from around here are you?"
"How did you end up in Ripley, MS?"
(These two I get asked almost immediately when I meet someone.)

"Do we have to run today?"
(My cross country team.)

"Hungry again?"
(Sr. Kate)

The days continue to move right along. Wednesday/Thursday I've decided is just one, big, long day, so I'm down to six days of the week. I'm trying to keep a good balance of contemplation in action/prayer in ministry. I tell myself that I want to at least start getting ready for bed at 9:00 although it rarely happens. Typically I would get ready for bed, pray, and then read before bed. At this point I am more likely to be nodding off in my prayer chair and not get to my book, but I'm glad I'm at least getting to prayer.

I painted some last Sunday with my prayer and was very aware of the spark that God is in my life: getting me going, keeping me going, spilling out into every part.

Tomorrow Kate and I are headed after I get finished with school to Mobile, AL for our CSJ Sectional meetings. It will be great to gather with our sisters in the south, to chat about directions for mission and ministry, passions, the state of each of our hearts. To, of course, laugh and eat ice cream and be together in fun as well. Lots of driving these days, but hopefully it balances some with the lack of driving I do here around town; the days have been too gorgeous not to walk. Although it does show on my car as I park under a pecan tree and there is constantly stuff falling on it. I'll have to give it a good scrubbing one of these days.

For now, off to pack so I'll be ready to watch the vice-presidential debates. But, only until 9:00! Then I've got to start getting ready for bed.


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