September 07, 2008

Kin-dom Commencing

Transitioning from the novitiate into ministry has, in some ways, been easier than I might have thought, and, in other ways, more difficult. Typically when I move somewhere new I have a week or so of, "What in the world am I doing here? Get me out of here!" homesick, disillusioned-type feelings, which I haven't really had (yet). It is also different in that I am not here for three or four months, but a longer stint of time (I'm pretty sure, anyway. One can never say with 100% certainty.). That changes my being, my actions, my relationships a little. Some of the commitments that I am making go beyond Christmas time if you can imagine! I haven't lived in any one place for more than a year since living at my parents' before college. I'm a little stressed about expectations (which I realize I'm putting on myself) and I am trying to remember that, more than anything, kin-dom living is all about relationships; if nothing else, can I be a smiling, interested face, some listening ears for people today?

Yesterday morning I went to Tippah Lake, a recreation spot/campground about ten minutes from home. It was cool and slightly overcast--perfect for a good run and some time with God. Not a full prayer day maybe, but some good breathing space.

Today--church. Mass number one and mass number two. Then a bit of grocery shopping for youth group Wednesday. It is our first real time together, so we are going to make some homemade pizza and chat about ideas, hopes, prayer. This is going to be an especially busy week with lots of new things starting up. We'll see where my head and heart are at the end of it all--not really an end, just the beginning.


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  1. Sarah girl, I am so glad I chose to eat my homemade fish sandwich in front of the computer. I just read all the recent entries of your Southern life thus far. Wow!

    You are such a talented writer!

    Oh, and once again for a millionth time, WELCOME TO THE SOUTH from another CSJ in the South but a homegrown Southerner!!

    Pass the yellow watermelon!!
    Guess who?