September 01, 2008

Southern Culture

I mentioned before
the yellow-meat watermelon that the neighbors gave us. No need to go to Peru to try new foods. It was delicious.

I took some of the high school students from the parish to a free Christian music concert in Corinth on Saturday--Sonic Flood, Todd Agnew, etc. Great music. I was glad that the youth minister next to me had extra ear plugs as we were front and center and the bands really got going. Seeing as we are in Baptist/Protestant/charismatic country, about two-thirds of the way through there was a prayer time in which the teens could claim Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. Just interesting to be in different cultural climates. Lots to learn.

We are thinking the hurricane won't effect us too much here, but they are forecasting some rain and storms tomorrow. I might have to drive to work.

Happy Labor Day!



  1. Sarah, I'm happy you are trying to balance the busyness with "walking in a relaxed manner". This certainly was my stumbling block after the novitiate. I have a friend who takes me to the Christian rock concerts that are held at the Shrine and at the Church on the Rock...I come prepared with earplugs and can still hear the music just fine!!!! I'm keeping you in prayer. Love, Linda

  2. Hey love the NEW title of the blog.
    enjoy the new southern Baptist culture....
    Hope your precipitation was enoutgh and not too much.
    Nancy in Atlanta

  3. Oh you are just one great 'roll up your sleeves' sister of st. joseph. How special is this! I am grateful for all that you are witnessing and being present and being the model of leadership for these young men and women.

  4. I think I'm going to call your southern fruit oddity "the jaundice melon". Does look scrumptious, though...