September 11, 2008

Vision of Faith

A quote from Marcia Allen's reflection in our Maxim book on Maxim #12...
"Here I recall my vision of faith; that is, my vision of the world--that one through which I fall in love with the world."

The topic that we started with in religious education yesterday with my seventh and eighth graders was faith. So, yesterday morning when I read this during my personal prayer, it challenged me to live what I was going to teach. Although, I don't know that teach is the right word. I hoped to find a way for each student to illuminate for himself or herself the gift of faith in his or her life. Okay, maybe an impossible task for seventh and eighth graders. If they only came away with a greater understanding of what faith is so that they can later recognize it in their lives, I suppose we were successful. I'm going to re-teach next week.

But, I spent the day and some prayer around how I see the world, my life, the people, places, things, and events that make up my days. Do I choose to use lenses that make me fall deeper and deeper in love? Sometimes it is challenging as I come into relationship, and through relationship, the struggles of individuals and families made worse through systems of injustice and injurious individuals. I can't fix it. But, while working on what I can, I fix as images to remember the smiles, hugs, faith of the people. Those are the visions upon which I choose to focus.

The high school youth group commenced last night and we were sharing about how each of us prays. I talked about the Sharing of the Heart that we Sisters of St. Joseph use in our prayer--how God has worked in our lives each day, in the beautiful, grace-filled ways, in the challenges, how we, then, feel called to live God's presence--and I mentioned the sky here when I go running in the morning. It is purple. This picture doesn't do it justice; it looks more blue and black. But, when I am out for my morning meditation and there is this silver sliver of a moon against a purple sky, I take a deep breath and say, "Good morning, God" (again).

So, this morning, again, I "recall my vision of faith; that is, my vision of the world--that one through which I fall in love with the world."




  2. A beautiful reflection, and my new favorite among your blogposts. I think my class will be paying this site a visit for class prayer tomorrow.



  3. sarah--it is so good to read your blog! I sort of wish we all had blogs like this to share our daily lives like you're doing. Know you are in my prayers. Oh, by the way, I met the novices from the Federation in Orange. About 50 people went to the Hollywood Bowl and picnicked together before it to welcome them. Does it seem like a long time ago when you were in the Novitiate???? Do take care. And yes, I agree with one of the other commentator, you do write very well. Kathy Crowley

  4. Sister Sarah,
    It has been years since we have seen each other or spoken (about 6 years, actually), but I saw your picture in the St. Louis Review and decided I needed to track you down. Is there anyway I can get your address? I would love to catch up with you and let you know what I am up to, now. Congratulations on your First Profession!
    God bless,
    Sister M. Bridget, FSMG
    (Colleen Martin from Fontbonne!)