May 15, 2008


Mostly God has been pretty quiet these days, as God has been for the last month or two. The word to which I am continually drawn, however, is 'trust.' Sometimes I wish God would be a little more vocal, but I think God knows that there is quite enough going on already, and thus, is giving me permission to sleep and read and take deep breaths and go for long runs and walks, to catch up from what has come before and to prepare for what is coming next. To be able to trust is a great place to be.



  1. Dear Sarah,
    Guess what?? Trust will be a big part of your life. It is in mine and continues to be. We can do nothing better than Trust in our Loving God.
    Love, prayers and hugs, Paula

  2. Yes, Sarah, I second Paula's comment: it is an on-going stance.
    Know that I am trusting with you.


    The Director of the Novice: one Sarah Jane Heger!

  3. Is there any other way to live, Sarah? Sometimes I think that our very society (so much available, so few real "needs" to ask God to take care of) keeps us from knowing what trust really is.... May this time not be a trial for you, but an opportunity to depend on Love.

    May these days be very rich ones for you.

    Pat M

  4. Prayers and blessings on your retreat.

  5. Sarah,
    I'm with you in spirit as you open yourself and expect the grace of your retreat.