May 11, 2008


A quick transition from St. Louis to Albany, NY where I have begun retreat in preparation for my coming vows. While I hope not to spend much time on the computer these days, I do know that I can't sit and formally pray ALL day, so I thought I'd share some here.

The flight to Albany was easy. I was glad not to be driving. Sr. Rose picked me up and brought me to the convent where I am staying just in time for a delicious pasta dinner and apple, rasperry pie out on the porch with the sisters here. After some opening prayer time I went to bed early. I am glad to be beginning retreat in a spirit of gratitude and hopefulness. It will be a time for me of reflection on what has been, some letting go and forgiving, of thanksgiving for so much and so many, and of celebration of what is to come. I'll pray and run and sleep and eat and pray some more. Work a bit on my vow ceremony and writing my vows, perhaps. Just see where the Spirit leads. Pentecost is really a great time to begin retreat. The gifts are all there for the asking.

Off to shower after a good, long run. They say today is supposed to be the nicest day of the week as far as the weather is concerned, so I am taking advantage while I can. Know my prayers are with you all.



  1. Dear Sarah,
    It stormed all night and didn't stop raining until after l0:00a a.m. The Jubilee Celebration was great. Glad you got there safe and are already into the retreat. May the Holy Spirit work at zapping you all the way!!!
    Love, prayers and hugs. Paula

  2. Dear Sarah,

    Since you are "retreating," I will keep this message brief... Know that my prayers will be with you in a special way these days. Indeed, Pentecost IS a great day to focus on what God has done, is doing, and what is ahead (IF the Spirit wants you to know that just now.)

    Rest and "Be still...."

    Pat M

  3. Prayers from St. Paul for your retreat days. Not sure when you'll be back, but I'll be in St. Louis for the Uganda send-off June 1, so maybe I'll see you then.