May 26, 2008

"Home Visit"

I went home to my parents' this past weekend for some family time between events. We had a barbeque with my grandparents and a few of my cousins. I learned how to play Stratego (Great game!)--won some, lost some. Went on a couple of fabulous (albeit HUMID) runs. Had pancakes with my brother and sister-in-law. Took a spontaneous trip to Springfield, MO to visit my sister when I couldn't talk her into meeting me half way for ice cream. You know...the usual.

The trip to Springfield was a riot. My youngest sister Megan, who is eleven, accompanied me. She's a bit crazy. I'm not sure where she gets it. We played the alphabet game which included finding the words now, I, know, my, next, time, won't, you, sing, with, and me. I will say that when we got to "time" we had such a difficult time finding it, that we said that if we could find one billboard with the letters t-i-m-e on it, that it would count. Megs and I pulled off the highway and into a McDonald's at one point to wait out a tornado warning. The sky, while ominous, was gorgeous! The rest of the trip was spent trying to decipher the multiple personalities Megan was playing and to come up with my own. I ended up as Crush from "Finding Nemo", Helen Keller, and Julie Andrews. Yes, we used some sign language and I did break into song on occasion. It was fun to be with her and to see Christie, if only briefly.

Now, I'm back at the motherhouse. As I unpacked my suitcase and realized that the next time I pack it will be for Peru, it sunk in that I am leaving soon. Very exciting! Who knows what adventures await?!



  1. Megan sounds (and sounded over the phone) like a hoot! I hope you didn't attempt the 'Helen Keller' imitation while driving...though it would certainly have been interesting.


  2. Sarah,
    Blessings on you upcoming travels to Peru. May it be everything it needs to be for you spiritual journey.
    Nancy In Atlanta

  3. Our prayers are with you, Sarah, as you travel to Peru. We hope that it will be an enjoyable and wonderful learning experience.
    Love......grandma& grandpa

  4. i am not crazy!!!!
    megan (neil armstrong, someone from malibu,sarah...)

  5. you also were Rosita!!!! you talked in spanish and wouldn't bring me home to malibu!

    -megan (neil armstrong someone from malibu, sarah...)