June 01, 2008

And We're Off

In less than a half an hour, Sr. Pat and I are headed to the airport, first for a short flight to Atlanta where we will meet up with Srs. Anne and Andrea from L.A., and then for a longer flight, the four of us, to Lima, Peru, South America! We should get to Lima at about 11:00 tonight. From the beginnings of summer--hot, humid, upper eighties, to the beginnings of winter--Lima is currently sixty-one and overcast. I've got two bags to check, one with my clothes, the second with gifts and a few essentials not available in Lima. My lunch is packed, my water bottle waiting to be filled once we make it through security. The sisters who have been to Peru have all shared lots of information and helpful hints, so I think we are prepared as we can be. The rest we'll have to learn as it comes up.

As we are headed south, the sisters will be gathering here for a prayer service send-off for five of our sisters who are headed this week for Uganda. A couple will stay a few months, three are planning to stay for a few years. Talk about unknowns!

I am hoping to have e-mail access on ocassion in Peru and will try to add updates when I can. We'll see. Prayers for all travelers and all of those who are up for exciting experiences as the summer begins.


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  1. The prayers of many go with you...All love, blessings, and safety.