March 23, 2008

Easter Hope


Yes, it is after midnight. Much later than I usually post, but Easter Vigil mass was beautiful and I am still up and awake, not to mention in the mood to journal and share. Being the oldest of seven, I never went to Easter Vigil mass growing up; my parents weren't about to bring seven of us to a three hour mass, especially knowing we would be up early the next day to scope out our Easter goodies. So, the first time I attended an Easter Vigil was my first year out of college. I hope never to miss one from here on out. I love Holy Saturday mass! It makes the whole rest of the liturgical year make sense. The symbolism and connections are incredible. I literally had goosebumps as mass began this evening, was moved to tears two or three times, and came out of mass more awake and alive then I have been all day. Father's homily was great. He said most Catholics have an easy answer to the question, "What are you doing for Lent?" but have a heck of a time answering, "What are you doing for Easter?" Easter, all fifty days of it, is to be celebrated. I'm good with that. Let's party.

As I was coming in from my run yesterday I noticed a few early flowers blooming in our front yard of which I was going to get a picture to post. Alas, I didn't quite get to it. Actually, if I get out early enough tomorrow morning, I can probably get one with the little yellow flowers peeking out from under the snow (a little more than a light dusting fell while we were in mass tonight). Talk about an image of Easter hope!

Again, happy Easter!



  1. Sara,
    Happy Easter to you as well.
    I am the opposite of you and always go to first Mass Easter Morning as if I found the tomb!
    Blessings from Georgia.
    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. Indeed the Triduum services are wonderfully symbolic and full of much to CHEW ON.... The Easter Vigil is right up there with Midnight Mass as far as I am concerned! We had three baptisms. One Sunday I was privileged to walk with them for the second half of the Liturgy, so I knew them a little more personally.Two messages from the WOMAN who gave the homily on Good Friday: Trust God! and You can't take care of tomorrow's problems with today's graces!

    Hope your visit with your sister goes well this week.... Have a blast along with checking out the newly arriving spring flowers!

    Pat M