March 25, 2008

Spring Break

My sister Mary Beth is here in Denver for the week. We've done a bit of hiking and will hopefully get to the mountains again before the week is through. What beauty. What a gift to have her here.


  1. Dear Sarah,
    You make me homesick for my Denver mountains!!! I'm so glad your sister made it there. Enjoy every minute of it.
    We three went to Nazareth for the Good Friday and Holy Saturday services. The Holy Saturday service was especially beautiful. It gave me such a thrill to be celebrating with our sisters, the music was great..Jane, Gretchen as cantors and Bonnie on the piano. Lots of CSJ's came so it was good for our Naz. residents.
    Next week I go to St. Mary's for a cardio cath to find out what my heart is saying to me. Prayers, please. Thanks.
    Love and prayers (also hugs) Paula

  2. WOW!!!
    The photos, the scenery are BEAUTIFUL. I was just jumping on to post some pictures of Brugge - which is beautiful in it's own way, but the mountains are unbeatable. Enjoy.