March 23, 2008

Ridiculous to Sublime

My prayer day this week began a little differently than usual. St. Francis had a fundraiser called the "Lap-a-Thon." The students take turns two classes at a time running laps around the gym. The pre-K and Kindergarteners were absolutely adorable. They ran their little hearts out. Twenty-five mintues they ran! The seventh and eighth graders weren't quite as cute, but there were some really good runners in those classes as well. After running some of the time with all of the classes, my suggestion for next year would be to switch directions half way through. At least then my blisters would be evenly distributed.

I started a new book in the afternoon called, Companions of Christ. It is an Ignatian-based book with general information mixed with reflection/meditation questions. Part that I read on Friday centered on dreams. It was interesting to look at dreams that I held in the past, to reflect on what my dreams are now, to see the overlap and the differences. Part of what I saw was a mass of children, lots of children. Children with snotty noses and big smiles, all different colors, all different sizes. All knowing they were loved. It spoke so much to me of the vow of chastity--about the way that I want to be in the world, the way that I want to love. In some ways similar, yet different than the dreams I used to have of my own children that I would have had. God has been so good in affirming me right where I'm at right now.

While this week is Holy Week with a somber beginning, it will be filled with action here from beginning to end. Company for dinner, Easter egg dying, a trip to the mountains, and the week after, a visit from my sister for Spring Break. I think I'm headed to bed early tonight in preparation.Last night's bedtime got even later than expected. When I went in to brush my teeth, I found the bathroom that I typically use and the adjacent bathroom flooded. This was my second stint as a plumber since I've been here. If, for some reason, I can't find a teaching job next year, at least I'll have something on which to fall back. I think I could make pretty good money.

Blessings this Holy Week leading to Easter miracles.


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  1. Plumbing!!! (shaking my head with a smile!) I just might join you! I hope that religious life isn't just about cleaning up "shitty water!" lol... that is kind of a good analogy though considering the problems of our world! I wouldn't mind outdoor plumbing at times though!