February 05, 2008

Stuck for Now

It's about 7:15 a.m. here in Stratton, CO. I've already had breakfast: granola, cantelope, and toast. Luckily there is a restaurant associated with the hotel here. I've decided I might as well check the menu to see what I'd like to have for lunch. I'm thinking something Mexican. Although, when/if I make it to Denver tonight we're having chilli for supper, so that may be just too many beans. The locals at the restaurant said that now would actually be the best time to leave because the winds are supposed to pick up later. However, it is snowing quite heavily currently and I don't think I want to be out during "rush hour." So, I'll just hang out here for a while.
I dug out the cord for my camera so I could attach a picture or two. If I get stuck here too long the pictures might get interesting. I could have a little fun. Maybe take pictures of things here in my hotel room from strange angles and post them to see if you can guess what they are. If I start doing that, you'll know I'm getting pretty bored.

Here's a picture of my car, my footprints from lunch (I wish I had my boots out), and, in the distance, the little restaurant where I get some human contact and sustinance.

I do have a box of Life cereal in my suitcase, so I should be good for a while.



  1. Welcome to winter in the Rockies! Traveling is always an adventure around here. After you get settled in, we need to plan a trip to Denver or a trip up to Wyoming. Looking forward to seeing you.
    Uncle Dave

  2. It's now February 7, so I presume you're in Denver. I'm sure you received warm greetings along with the cold temperature!
    Mary Ann H.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Hope you were able to resume your trip to Denver? Are you there yet? We really miss you here but know they'll really take good care of you there. May the Lord keep you warm and well-fed!



    P.S. My brother is home now and doing just fine. Thank you so much for prayers!