February 04, 2008

Almost There

So, I left St. Louis yesterday. The plan was to stay in Topeka last night, spend the night in Concordia, KS tonight, and drive into Denver tomorrow. This morning, just before I left Topeka the sisters in Concordia called to let me know that snow is expected much of tomorrow from eastern CO into KS. So, with that encouragement, I made a short stop for lunch in Concordia and headed out to Denver straight off. Then, of course, just as I got into CO one of the sisters in Denver called to let me know that there are blizzard conditions near Denver. So, I'm at a Best Western in some itty bitty town about two hours from Denver. I'll wait and see what the weather looks like in the morning and go the rest of the way when I can. At least they have free internet here and my laptop wasn't too hard to find amongst all of the stuff in my car. Thus, this short posting. I'm hoping for a good movie on TV.



  1. Sarah,
    Glad you arrived safely at the motel amidst all the storms! Your experience reminds me of my trip from St. Louis to Osage Monastery outside of Tulsa for retreat one spring. I ended up staying at a motel for two days for my retreat because of the highway being closed!
    God meets us where we are. May you sense God's presence with you as you travel safely and in peace to Denver.


  2. Glad you're safe. Enjoy your time in the motel as long as necessary. Denver will be there when you get there.
    Mary Ann H.