February 07, 2008

Denver Home

I have arrived at my Denver home! At about 10:00 a.m. Tuesday morning there was a little break in the snow, so I decided to make a run for it. While there were some slick spots and blowing snow with which to contend, the sun was out by the time I made it to Denver. I got my choice of bedrooms and actually chose probably the smallest room in the house. While a little more space might have been nice, the sun that comes in my room is just wonderful, and it looks out onto a playground so I hear little children's voices rather than the traffic from the busy street on the other side of the house.
My mom wanted to see pictures, so the pink house is the convent where I'm living. The church right next door is St. Francis de Sales where Sr. Rita works. The school where Sr. Eleanor is principal and where I'll be doing ministry three days a week is just across the street (to the right of this picture). And while I'd rather be in the country a ways with a bit more space, the mountains in the background remind me that the space is not so far off.
I've gotten myself a library card and a parks and recreation brochure and will do some searching tonight on the internet as to some places to spend my prayer day tomorrow. It is supposed to be about fifty here this weekend, so I'm looking forward to maybe some time outdoors. For now, just working on getting settled. Three months is going to go quickly.

Safe in Denver...



  1. Glad you made it safely to Denver and you got good stories of how you battled blizzards to get there.
    Nancy in Atlanta
    PS. hi to Rita

  2. Glad you made it! I'm wondering where in the house your room is. When I stayed there, my room was one of the two rooms that were around a corner from each other. The other room was Rita Ann Hesse's when she was alive. She was my reception, as is Eleanor O'Hearn. I'm wondering if one of these rooms is yours.
    Give my love to Eleanor Sheehan when you see her. She's a very special person and a very special one to me.
    Mary Ann H.

  3. Winter traveling through snow country is always risky, I guess. I'm glad you had the sense to stay put that extra night! Is there enough snow on the ground to still enjoy it? Build a snow-person? Have a snowball fight with the neighbor-kids?

    By now your prayer-day is over. I hope you found good things deep inside in your new surroundings.

    More later. Thanks for keeping up the posts!

    Pat M