February 02, 2008

Hanging Out

My car is packed except for my overnight bag for the next couple of nights and my room is mostly clean and ready to be left for the next three months. I called the convent where I am going to be living in Denver and the sisters were cleaning the bedrooms from which I get to choose when I arrive. I'm not sure how, but I think I am going to find a way to work packing into my future ministry. I think I have it down to both an art and a science.

While Christmas seems like forever ago, my month in St. Louis has gone very quickly. I was able to see some family this week before I head out. Actually things worked out better than I could have planned as I was home on Thursday when it snowed. My younger brothers and sisters and I headed out at about 7:00 p.m. for some sledding. We stopped at the neighbors' houses on the way and asked them to turn on their garage lights for us. There aren't too many comparable sledding hills around the motherhouse, nor too many people whom I could get to go out sledding in the dark, so it was a great night to be home. I wish I had pictures, but no such luck.

Anyway, I am just doing a few odds and ends here right now. I was reading some in one of my prayer books, We Walk the Path Together, which I have referenced before and I found a great little story I thought I'd pass on. While not really where I'm at right now, it's a place I've known before and will know again I'm sure. So, until I get settled enough in my new home to post again, here's a contemporary parable to keep you...

"A person falls over a cliff and, just before plunging to her/his death in the ravine below, grabs onto a branch. Left dangling over the precipice, the person cries out, 'Is there anyone up there?' As her/his hands begin to slip, she/he hears an answer, 'This is God. I am here. Just let go and I will catch you." A few seconds pass by, and the person cries out again, 'Is there anyone else up there?'"

Just let go and let God, right?! ... Hold things lightly. ... Walk in a relaxed manner. ... All those good things. 'Til later.


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