January 29, 2008

Unpacking to Pack Again

Sunday morning began nice and early with a wait out in the cold for the Greyhound, my new favorite way to travel. I was waiting in Tupelo, MS for a 4:00 a.m. bus that was running late. About twenty after four a bus pulled up. I got my bags out of the car and locked the keys in for Sr. Liz to pick up later in the morning. The bus pulled away--not my bus. So, I waited with a few others out in the cold for about forty more minutes for our real bus to arrive. Needless to say, I learned a thing or two that morning.

I had spent the week in MS, with Kate in Ripley, talking to a confirmation class and helping to clean some stuff out of the church there, and with Liz and crew in Okolona, getting a tour of the "city", working the resale shop, teaching another young sister how to say the rosary (inside joke). It was a great week for relationship building and more than a little fun at that. The bus actually is a great way to travel, especially when it is empty enough to get two seats across which to stretch out. Cheaper than gas. Save the environment. And meet new, interesting people on the way.

Today I completed the last piece that I can do in terms of my request for vows. I met with Sr. Mary Kay for a one-on-one chat/interview tying together my letter, her time with my local community, and the various letters that were sent in my name, on top of the sum of all of my time in the process so far. Usually the time is good sharing and awareness building from yet another perspective.

I leave on Sunday to begin my trip out to Denver. I'm going to be stopping twice on the way to visit friends and hope to be in Denver on Tuesday. The packing begins--again--tomorrow. The three months in Denver will go very quickly, so I think I'm going to be packing even more simply than when I went to St. Paul. We'll see what actually happens. For now, some prayers and reflection to do before bed. I'll leave you with a reflection piece from which my prayer was based today. It comes from Marcia Allen's reflection on Maxim #1 (yes, Marianne, I'm still on #1!) "...that all of the parts are reconciled not only to the whole but also to one another."




  1. Sister, Let's move on in the Maxims! You will be at Nazareth before you get to maxim 100. Oh I know you will love Colorado. You will be missed here and yes, this is all good. You will want those great boots you purchased in St. Paul.

    Happy Packing,

  2. Thanks for the Maxim to ponder! fits where i'm at right now. hmm.....Have a safe journey!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I pray that your time in Denver goes well. Three months is short. I did that in Stockton and it went by very fast. From your blogs, it looks like your adjusting well to itinerancy. That's good to hear.


  4. Sarah,
    I enjoyed your entries lately. It sounds like your heart is light, open, and ready for your next step. Safe travel to Denver as you meet friends along the way!