February 09, 2008

"God's Country"

So, I couldn't let my first week go by without getting at least to the foothills. Friday afternoon I headed south of the city to Roxborough State Park. It is fun to be able to hike (or to go running, in today's case) in the snow without a coat. It does mean that the snow melts and then re-freezes, so one has to be a bit careful of the ice in the morning and evening, but during the day, it is gorgeous.

I started the day Friday with morning mass at the parish here. Sr. Rita introduced me to the pastor who assured me that I would love it here. "God's country," he said. He might be right.
Since sometime last fall I've been in a book study with some other newer, younger sisters, mostly CSJs, but not all, from all over the place. We're reading O'Murchu's new book on consecrated religious life and what he sees as changing paradigms. The study provides good connections with persons closer to where I am in formation as well as some stimulating conversations about religious life, the world, and what the future may hold. Tonight's e-mails left me thinking about two things: holarchy and liminality. Holarchy being the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. And liminality in religious life being a call to the margins. I think the combination of the two holds much of how I feel called to be part of this world as a woman religious, what the power of that and the future might hold.

As I move from place to place and begin to pray more seriously about where I might be called in ministry after this year of the novitiate, I can get excited about possibilities. Sometimes I have to slow down (whether I want to or not), but it leaves me open to broader vision, hopes for not only the immediate, but for where the moments of the immediate could lead. Sometimes the moments don't always make sense, as I would imagine might have been the case for Jesus especially in the stories of Lent, but the larger picture has great potential.



  1. Good morning, Sarah! Ahhh! The beauty of nature as a reflection of the Creator certainly has something to say of liminality and holarchy, too! Your blogs give me much to peruse once more, and I thank you for that. I pray that your own personal growth may challenge each of us "elders" to newness of vision, also. Alive days are wished to you!
    --Pat M

  2. I agree with you; Colorado is God's country. I'd love to be missioned there, but that's not where God wants me now.

    I like your comments on holarity and liminality.

    Mary Ann H.

  3. Oh, I'm already homesick! Loved the beautiful mountain scenery. Colorado was never really my home, but wonderful memories linger of the time I spent there. May your time be specially blessed and may you grow spiritually rich through your book discussion. Love, Joyce.

  4. It is beautiful out there!!!!! Take a trip to Cripple Creek while you're out there. While you are there.....don't forget to say hello to the donkies for me! :)

  5. Sarah,
    Glad you made it safely to your new home! Your photo was beautiful. It looks like the sky is bending down to reach the earth!


  6. Dear Sarah,
    Right on!! It is God's Country. Take it from a native. However, during my long years following the Lord around the "world" I've found God's country everywhere, even in dark, dreary, St. Louis!!!
    Miss you. Paula