February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

One of my thoughts about winter is that if it is going to be cold, it might as well snow. So far here in Denver that has been the case. Yesterday I was out running in a t-shirt. Today we have about three inches of snow on the ground.

While one side of our house faces a busy street, the other faces a playground. I can see and hear the children from both my bedroom and the dining room table where we eat. In St. Louis we may or may not have been permitted to go out and play in the snow during recess. Here I just sat and watched the children play as I ate lunch. They have some of the cutest hats I have ever seen. One little guy has stegasaurus spikes down the middle of his. The children ride down the snow-covered slides and laugh as their behinds get all wet. One little girl is licking the snow right off of one of the poles--her back is to the teachers. Not a bad backdrop to lunch.

I started ministry at the school next door. I get to work with kindgergarten all the way up. Mostly I am doing some reading extension activities, but I am also helping seventh graders practice their speeches, and spending some one-on-one time with some students who could use a little TLC. Beautiful kiddos. The school is in the midst of Iowa testing this week, so my real schedule will start next week. I've already been to the library and checked out multiple copies of the books I want to use. The Iditarod starts March 1, so I think I am going to use Stone Fox with the third and fourth graders. I think they'll enjoy tracking the race in connection with literature.

Not a whole lot going on today--a bit of cleaning, a lot of prayer. Mostly the day has been quiet, the better in which to listen and to hear. Off to a basketball game this afternoon. I think it is the fourth grade girls tonight. Happy Valentine's Day to all.



  1. I liked seeing the picture from the dining room. How well I remember that. I stayed at St. Francis twice when I went to retreat in Sedalia. Your room is on another wing from the one in which I stayed.

    You not only make me homesick for Colorado, but also for working with children. I loved teaching, and especially loved children of all ages.

    Mary Ann H

  2. Hey, Sarah!
    Happy Valentine's Day! We've got about 16 inches of snow piled up, and we just emerged from the deep freeze.
    Glad to hear that you are making friends with the weather.
    Blessings and love,
    Alexandra (Lex)Guliano

  3. So what happens when the kids go inside and they are all wet? I know here, I get tons of kiddos that need to change clothes when they fall in a puddle of water or mud...or I get the hair dryer out to help them dry off! Looks like an awesome place to eat lunch. Nothing better than watching happy kids! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day. I love you!

  4. Dear Sarah,
    Of course I know just the scenes you are describing. I went to St. Louis school in Englewood and did my senior year at St. Francis de Sales after my first three years of high school in New Mexico. What is in the old high school building?
    Enjoy. Miss you. Thanks for the valentine. Love & prayers Paula

  5. Great setting for meals! Of course only lunch gives you the kids, but being able to look out and see something other than the wall of the house next door is pretty nice. Those kids don't know how blessed they will be to have you for special moments! God be with you and each of the students with whom you work!
    --Pat M