January 23, 2008


Sometimes (especially in formation) life seems like one set of "processes" after another. No matter how I come to the processes, however, usually by the end, I am grateful for the experience.

The process this weekend of finally and formally selecting our new leadership team was a wonderful one. I am still amazed that we were able to narrow down the incredible field of interested and willing women and come nearly to consensus as a body. I feel like the pulse of the group as we move forward is one of excitement and hope with also a new ownership for leadership at all levels of the province. The Spirit works wonders when she's got room to work!

While we were there this weekend, Amy celebrated a big birthday. What better way to celebrate than with room service and an ice cream sundae first thing in the morning?! On Sunday we saw her off to Belgium for her second semester of classes. Her Latin exam was to be the first thing that greeted her, so I'm hoping all is going well.

I'm currently in Ripley, MS with Sr. Kate spending a couple of days doing some volunteer ministry and building relationships with some of my sisters. Tonight I get to talk with a confirmation class about images of God. It's actually one of my favorite things about which to pray and to share since it is so broad and so rich. Tomorrow I'll head to Okolona with Sr. Liz for a couple of days. We'll see what fun opportunities await!

For now, off to come up with a good ice breaker with which to begin this evening. Peace.



  1. Hope all is well - I came over to see if you had photos from the chapter I could grab for my blog - well, this wasnt' the photo I was thinking of.
    Thanks again, Blessings on your travels.
    P.S. I'm feel pretty good about Latin - qui, quae, quod....

  2. Sarah, you are such a blessing to all of us with your joy-filled spirit, and sense of humor in interpreting events... While Ripley and Okolona are "different" experiences, I'm sure that you will find your heart stretched and filled with even more love than you already hold! I look forward to hearing of all your new activities!
    --Pat M