July 02, 2007

Love and Trust

LOVE and TRUST--two relatively small, seemingly simple words, but words I think I could pray with and try to capture and be my whole life long. I've decided also that God is mostly mystery with a sometimes bad sense of humor. I've decided to stop asking so many questions and to just be with what is. I've also decided to stop praying for patience as I've heard that then God only gives one more things to practice being patient with.

It has been a great week to draw on the peace and calm I found on retreat. To REMEMBER (the word I've decided might be helpful to tatoo on my arm) the joy of the moment and the gifts surrounding me. To be grateful.

Okay, so as I re-read this it sounds like a pretty tall order. I'll probably only REMEMBER one of these things at a time--if that--but it gives God and I something to talk about. As if we needed anything more.

Summer blessings.


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