June 24, 2007

Retreat 2007

For those who check this blog regularly I apologize that it has been so long since the last posting, but I just returned on Thursday from retreat. I made a silent, directed retreat at the ASC's center in Ruma, IL. They have absolutely gorgeous grounds there. Over 500 acres counting all of the corn and soy bean fields. Space to walk. Ponds where one can fish or just sit and listen to the wind in the trees. The ASCs had five sisters martyred in Liberia in 1992 and their gravesites and the amazing statue out front in memorial make the ground even that much holier. The days were really great. More than anything I spent the time just letting God be with me and in me and celebrating in that presence. I read (my director gave me Heidi--it was perfect) and drew and danced, swam some, played on the swings. It was time to ground myself once again in the peace and joy that gives me life and draws me deeper and deeper into this call. Unlike my normal routine, I only brought my camera out once, so I don't have as many pictures to share as I might like, but really I don't think I could have captured the beauty of the place and my days anyway. I got back Thursday morning pretty much ready for anything, definitely ready to see what will compose the second year of my novitiate as those details are made known.
Thursday night I called the sisters that I had lived with in Topeka, KS two years ago, and on a whim and in surprise (as much to myself as to them) I got up early on Friday morning and drove to Topeka. I think my favorite moment was when I called Sr. Anna Marie from Kansas City and she realized that I wasn't kidding when I said I was only an hour away. They were moving a bunch of furniture so I was put to work. The time, although brief, couldn't have been any better.

I think I am in town now until the second week of July when Pat and I head to St. Paul to be part of of the first week of our congregational chapter. It will be fun to be with our sisters from all over. Until then, I think my suitcase will remain in my closet--we'll see.


  1. Yup! I've been checking the blog regularly. It's easy to see part of what kept you away... Your description makes me think I might want to SEE this retreat place for myself. Your drawing is quite impressive.... May you remain at peace in whatever life holds these days!

    Pat M

  2. Oh we need to frame the drawings! I am really enjoying Concordia. It will be great to share with you. I saw Anne Marie as she left for Brazil. I have not met the woman to whom I am to give the game but I will keep networking.

    Happy July,