July 08, 2007

When Sr. Pat and I went to Ripley, MS for Vacation Bible School we had help from some of the young women from the parish. We truly couldn't have done it without them. So, when Sr. Kate asked how we could repay them they said, "How about a trip to St. Louis?!" A couple of the girls had been to Carondelet before and the others were eager to see where Sr. Kate went when she said she was going to the motherhouse. So, five of the young women, Sr. Kate, and Mr. Sigi (the father of two of the women and co-minister at the parish with Kate) drove up on Thursday to spend a day and a half with us here. Thursday they got the tour of Carondelet, had dinner here, went to Ted Drewes, and stayed up late watching movies and talking. Friday we left early for the Zoo, went to Fitz's for lunch, toured the new cathedral, and hit the Arch on the way home. After a short nap we prayed together and had dinner. The initial plan had been to go to the City Museum that night, but it seemed a little much after the long day we had had already, so we hit the mall and got a movie instead. The group was out of here by 6:15 on Sat. morning well fed and ready to sleep most of the way home in the car I'd bet. It was a whirlwind trip, but it was so much fun to have the group here with us. What delightful, generous, spirited young women. Hopefully they know there is always a room here for them.

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