May 14, 2007

Discernment Weather

I've decided that the seasons very often do reflect where I am in life in general, particularly in terms of discernment recently. Spring is warm and sunny with new life budding, lots of shades of beautiful green. However, it is also a time when unexpected storms pop up, seeking shelter, staying calm.

Last Friday for my prayer day I went to the Shaw Nature Reserve in Grey Summit. It drizzled for the first two hours I was there, but I was able to find a little shelter overlooking a glade and the hills. I sat and prayed and painted, listened to the rain on the tin roof and the birds oblivious to the grey. The sun came out (as did the mosquitoes) and I was able to walk through the wildflower garden. What better way is there to spend a Friday?!


  1. Your physical position while taking that wildflower shot is pretty clear, Sarah.... No wonder the mosquitoes found you! Seems like God found you, too!
    Pat M

  2. There's nothing like Shaw Nature Reserve to get in touch with the Beautiful. I've been there many times myself.

  3. And I have not been there--yet! The picture is lovely; your comments peace-producing. Maybe some quiet time to balance out the fun and folly of these next few days as you join family for graduations of Mary Beth, John and Christine--WOW! God bless all of you--esp. the Mother and the Father! love, Pat

  4. Shaw's truly is a gem...and right in our own backyard! A great place to hike, ride your bike, or just sit in wonder of God's creation. Don't know if the water lillies are in bloom yet, but that is something you don't want to miss. Enjoy it lots, truly is a haven for me sometimes. MOM