May 07, 2007

Province Chapter - Session II

We celebrated Session II of the province chapter April 26-29, and what a celebration it was!

The meeting opened Thursday evening with prayer and a stirring talk by Sandra Straub to set the tone for the chapter. Pat Dumphy, our point person for the session then invited us to a welcoming social. There were so many greetings and hugs and stories to share.

Friday morning opened with an information session then the selection of nominees for the Congregational Chapter. We managed to maintain a reflective atmosphere for this session, which we hadn't done last time. For this we were roundly congratulated by the planning committee. In the afternoon, we moved on to a reflection on the acts of the 2001 chapter. My table worked on spirituality, and we had very rich sharings on how we had deepened spirituality over the past 5 years.

Friday evening was an amateur hour with some of CSJs brighter lights providing entertainment. Sr. Michael Therese did her clown routine, Sr. Carol Brouilette played the harp, Greg Thomas played some of his own songs, and Sr. Rose Mary Brueggan did a comedy routine. And there was much, much more. What a fantastic way to end the day.

Saturday morning Sandra Schmid shared her experience with the Wisdom Circle during breakfast. The wisdom circle was a group of CSJs under 55 who met in St. Paul in the spring to dialogue about futuring. Then we continued with further work on the chapter acts of 2001, and looking toward a preferred future. There was amazing convergence around directions for the next chapter session. Saturday evening brought Mass and a wonderful outdoor dinner. The day couldn't have been better.

Sunday we turned to leadership discernment: issues, competencies and moving toward discerning specific names. Lots to think and pray about as we move forward.

The weekend was enriched by sharing of stories and work. After lots more hugs and well wishing, we were on our way. The work is not done, but we left our results in the hands of the planning committee to sift through as we move to our August session.

Photos below are the table setup, the chapter book, and the wildlife out in the waterway behind our meeting place.

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  1. Amy, your summary made me feel like I was there--almost. Thanks. I'm blessed to be in a small community with you...Belgium is sooooooooooo lucky! love, pat