January 17, 2007

Winter Weather--Go Figure!

While the latest winter storm left very little of anything here at the motherhouse, my family was out of power for four days. They came out here on Sunday for supper, showers, and a little warmth. I took some of my brothers and sisters on the exclusive motherhouse tour. My brother Brian enjoyed hanging from the rafters in the attic. My dad finished his shower and decided to come look for us, unbeknownst to anyone. We did eventually notice he was missing and I went to go find him with images of him watching the football game with one of the other communities of sisters running through my head. Luckily he came up the stairs as my mom and I were about to begin our search, so we didn't have to go far. My sisters Megan and MaryBeth stayed the night. We watched "Sister Act" which I hadn't seen in a while, and which, by the way, has some parts that are altogether funnier when one is actually living in a convent. In the morning Megan and I spent a little time in the ceramics shop making plates while MaryBeth took advantage of another hot shower before we left to meet my mom for lunch. Luckily their power is back on, but it was fun to have them here for the evening at least.

A new semester is starting. My ministry days are going to be spent with a couple of parish programs in north St. Louis. I have started taking piano lessons on Tuesday mornings with Sr. Mary Laurent who is an absolute dear. My Thursday morning class this semester is on religious life and the vows (last semester I had two, one-hour classes--History of Religious Life in the U.S. and Foundations of Catholicism--instead of one, two-hour class). That starts tomorrow. And I now spend Thursday afternoons in one of the offices here at the motherhouse helping out in some way if I can. I was kind of thinking things were pretty much the same this semester, but there seems to be more changes than I thought. I'm sure it will be another semester of learning, for sure.
My prayer day was today since I have a three-day workshop this weekend, so I have some processing yet to do tonight. Lots going on. I just hope the sun is out again tomorrow.



  1. Thanks to all of you for the great supper, the use of your laundry facilities, the hot shower, and most of all the great company and rousing game of Buzz Word! Power came back on Tuesday, so it was nice to come home to a warm house after work that day. Sorry about your sheets, Pat...one of these days I need to learn how to short-sheet a bed correctly! It feels good to know that Sarah is part of such a wonderful community of women! Love you all....MOM

  2. What a great vocation story! All are welcome. How special to welcome family!