January 19, 2007

Sunny Days

Where have I come since the Novitiate "foundation" over five months ago? I feel as a community we have developed beautifully. We regularly do lots of sharing--prayers, stories, laughter, etc. We really seem to enjoy each other. Personally I've become reacquainted with the St. Louis Province after being in the LA Province for twenty-four years. It is an on-going, delightful experience. However, I am constantly trying to adjust to the weather and frequent gray skies. I take great delight in a sunny day (or part of a day). I tell Sarah she is my Sunshine! Oh, by the way, I do now have "enclosed" shoes and boots instead of sandals!!



  1. Paula,
    So glad life is agreeing with you in the Novitiate community as well as St Louis. Yes the Winter skies can bring on doldrums ....so I guess we have to look for sunshine wherever it shows itself... Sounds like Sarah is a good start for that.
    Glad to know the shoes are now closed since you have ice and snow.
    Know you were my little breath of fresh air at the Assembly in August 2006. It was great to get to meet and interact. See you in April at Chapter session #2.
    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. Oh Paula, Look what you just missed in Tuscon! It will be great to hear the report from your friends.

    You certainly bring lots of sunshine into life here in STL.

    What's up for the Superbowl?