January 11, 2007

Coke, Children, and Goats

So, the past week has been quite full of activity amidst the last week of Christmas schedule inactivity. Saturday I went with some college friends to Springfield, IL to have supper with my friend Lori who lives there. We thought it would be nice to go to her since she frequently makes the trek down here. My friend, Maureen, graciously volunteered her new car for the journey. Not quite half way the car decided to be persnickity. I would have thought that four young women standing on the side of the road with our hood up would have been cause for people to stop and make sure we were okay. Nope. Guess not. Luckily, with the generosity of some parents, we did finally hit Springfield about two hours later than expected. After a trip to the grocery store (we needed ice cream) we sat down to a delicious lasagna supper. Lori showed us all how to make cool fountains with Mentos and Diet Coke. It also works if you put the two in your mouth. (This is where I am going to mention that I have a couple of really great pictures from this past week which are, however, on others' cameras, so I am waiting to have those sent to me so I can share. You'll have to make due with the ones I have tonight. Patience. Patience.) We talked lots. Caught up with where each other is currently in grace and struggle, and luckily made it home with no trouble.

Last night I had the opportunity to speak with the 5-8 grade girls at Annunciation's PSR classes for Vocation Awareness Week. I love to do that, but I am always slightly anxious going in because I never know how the groups will respond. Some just sit there and stare at me, but this group was really great. They asked good questions and seemed to at least not mind being there too much.

Tonight I was invited to have supper at our earth-spirituality center, St. Joseph's Woods. Srs. Carol, Martha, and myself brought the dogs on a walk through the nature trails before feeding the goats and having a bite of supper ourselves: "Everything from the Garden Soup." Beautiful prayer. They played the song, "Standing on the Shoulders" by Earth Mama. If you've never heard it, it is worth trying to find, or at least looking the lyrics up on-line. The song and the prayer were good reminders for me today of God's love in relationships. It had been a particulary difficult week, but, even when I have no idea what is going on in my head and heart, I have decided that it is not a very good reason to quit enjoying where I am. What's one more day wherever I am?

ICN starts back up tomorrow. It will be good to reconnect with all the other novices, see how their holidays were back home. For tonight, reflection questions for Pat on the first six months. That I find hard to believe.


  1. Ahhh! Sarah for six months! I, too, find that hard to believe. Your blogging, though, helps to challenge me, to get me to evaluate how having you as part of my life has changed me... I do believe you have made me aware of doing things more deliberately, rather than just flying on automatic pilot. Thanks!

    Pat Murphy

  2. Dear Sarah:
    Thank you for your postings! Your pictures and heartfelt sharing of your life is a gift to those who log in. God bless you and those who you journey with.

    Elaine Nolke in KC

  3. oh sarah i love standing on the the shoulders....it is such a great way for all of us to realize and reflect! Carol was my 'guardian angel' as I began my journey. What a great wonderful woman whom I have learned much.


  4. HAHAHAHAHA! I do not think that you could possibly live without your icecream! Haha! Take care and what a great blog.

    -Alisha M.

  5. Sarah....I saw your picture and heard your laugh and it made me feel good. I love the pic of your family. Have a great New Year. I think of you often. Peace, Ray Wheeler

  6. Sarah,
    Glad you had such a good time with Maureen and Lori. Loved the photo with Lori and you! Your story brought back lots of wonderful memories of our evenings with meals and sharing at St. Luke's.

    maggie g.