November 05, 2006

Open House at the Novitiate

What a grand party!

Rooms cleaned. Cookies baked. Veggie dish prepared. Apple cider spiced and simmering. Balloons strategically placed. Popcorn balls - well, that didn't quite work out... oh well. Cincinati chili dip warmed. All was in readiness for guests to come to the open house. And come they did!

We estimate around 80 guests shared the afternoon with us. The first to arrive were students from Sarah's class last year at St. Joan of Arc school. Many in soccer uniforms, the fourth graders were excited to see Sarah again. The group kept growing as they took a tour through the house, and enjoyed refreshments and visiting in the novitiate.

Many sisters arrived from all over St. Louis bringing warm wishes and many memories of their days in novitiate. Several cars and a van brought many senior sisters from Nazareth Living Center. It was great to see everyone. So many hugs!!

My Mom and Dad and several siblings came with their families. Katharine, the three month old, was showered with attention which she seemed to relish.

A warm thanks to all who came and shared the afternoon with us. I really enjoyed seeing everyone. It seemed every time I brought one guest down for a tour, I found another arriving. No sooner had I brought them upstairs than another smiling face rounded the corner. What a grand time! Thanks again.



  1. So glad the open house went well.
    sounds like the eats were good as well as the turnout..... Nancy in Atlanta

  2. Sounds like a great time for communtiy building - right relationships and all. Great idea. rj

  3. Amy, I am soooooooo far behind in my blog-reading; however, today was catch-up day and what a fine account of our open house you wrote. It made me enjoy it all over again! Thanks. love, Pat (of the veggie platter!)

  4. Thanks Novitiate Community,
    I had a great time visiting you and seeing all your beautiful pictures mounted.
    I felt welcome and at home as I'm sure many persons did!

    margaret guzzardo