November 13, 2006

Balancing Energy

I would think that after over three months of the novitiate I would be a bit better at balancing my energy. Some days and even weeks I seem to have more of a hang of it than others. I went from a very peaceful day of just "being" on my Sabbath Day Friday, to five hours of leaf raking yesterday, to hopping from one thing to the next today even though I feel totally exhausted. My mind doesn't really shut down enough to get a real nap during the day and I hate to go to bed too early or I am up at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. Part of it is just who I am. For those who are familiar with the Enneagram, I am a three--the Performer. Threes are goal-oriented, activity focused people who typically measure worth through accomplishments. Enneagram experts (and most people I know) say that every personality type is part of the whole, a gift without which creation would not quite be complete. So, I know that being a three is okay--a gift even. However, this novitiate process is quite challenging for the three in me. I think it is a good challenging, but my struggle today is to recognize the gift in who I am and be willing to challenge myself while also maintaining and valuing my makeup. Whew! Maybe I'll just get a bowl of ice cream and watch a movie instead!



  1. Sarah, were you able to "bounce" while watching that movie or eating that ice cream? Having high energy is good when you can direct it well; I'm sure there are times when it doesn't seem to be such a blessing,though. Your growing wisdom shows when you describe the conflict... many of us don't notice the conflicts and just go on with life as usual.

    Pat Murphy

  2. Hey Sarah,
    So much energy and looking for balance. Wow!
    Make the most of the time you have because when the year is over you will be a worker bee and wishing you had the year again.

    just musing...
    Have a great thankgiving and know how grateful we are to have you learning the balancing act.

    your sister in Atlanta,

  3. Sarah,

    Keep up the attempts at balancing- you are doing beautifully. You sounded like you had the hang of it by the time you finished the blog. And, yes, a little ice cream can certainly help. :)

    Lots of love and prayers from the Ebenhoh's,

  4. Sarah,
    How well I identify with your comments of being busy about accomplishments. Balance is a challenge.
    A passage from Scripture that I've been meditating on is: I have stilled and quieted by soul like a weaned child on her mother's lap. Like a weaned child so is my soul within me.
    May you enjoy this kind of rest too! Have a fine Thanksgiving :-)

    maggie g.