November 01, 2006

'Tis the Season

No, it is not quite Christmas time, but what a beautiful time of year. The leaves are turning, the weather cooling, time for changes as well within. Ironically my challenge for myself these days is to begin to say no to some things, to be sure that I am keeping time to just be, to continue to find ways to fall in love with God. That being said, the last week has been quite full. Baseball victories, Halloween parties, walks with friends, company here at the motherhouse. Pat's nephew, Richard, and his daughter Kelly came to stay with us for a few days. What a delightful visit. I wasn't home on Saturday but I heard that Richard fixed a great dinner. Kelly and I had fun a couple of nights catching imaginary squirrels in the lounge. They got a tour of the brewery and even got to catch part of the Cardinal parade before Pat brought them to catch the train back home. I think we should have a four-year-old for dinner more often.
I went Saturday out to Godfrey, IL to the OMI novitiate for a Halloween party out there. Then last night to the city near where my parents live to help with an event. So much fun! (P.S. I'm Jonah in the whale.)

Today in our ICN we talked about embodied spirituality with an afternoon on healthy sexuality. S. Joann, a Carondelet CSJ from L.A. led us in some energy exercises and a self-health inventory. I have decided I could benefit from stretching a little more (especially after I run) and did call first thing when we got back to see about getting an appointment for a massage. Releasing tension and being aware of my body is an important part in taking care of myself and, in turn, hopefully being able to care for others. It is a piece of holiness that I don't always honor as I should. I was actually amazed, though, at how many things I am mindful of particulary in regards to my physical health. I at least have a good start.

Hopefully the weather will hold and I'll get in a couple more days outside before the leaves all fall and cold sets in for real. Well, I haven't begun to read my articles for class tomorrow, so I'd better get off this computer. More next week...



  1. Sarah Jane, am just now reading our blog after a couple of weeks; good article by Amy re our Open House and good ones by you, too. Thanks for putting Kelly Mary Frances Quinn in the review! Hey, Greg's cute! Your account of your reflecting on some of those questions kind of captured your 3 months quite well. Who knows who is out there being strengthened and stretched by some of your sharing. See you at lunch; it will be nice to celebrate our own Paula, in a remote way; proximate comes on the 26th. love, pat

  2. Sarah,
    It sounds like your life is blessed abundantly these days. May you enjoy both the busy and restful ones.

    margaret guzzardo