November 19, 2006

Heart and Head

Sorry I don't have any fun pictures lately. The days have been more heart and head stuff than anything else this week. Actually that's not entirely true. There was a very nice prayer service and dinner tonight hosted by our Associates complete with sing-a-long and congo line thanks to Amy and her sisters. That would have made a fabulous picture had I thought to bring my camera. Other than that with three of the five of us in the Novitiate Community out this past week, it was pretty quiet.

It is kind of odd for me to recognize but I have thought more about the vows in the past week and a half--what they mean in terms of why I want to be a Sister of St. Joseph and how the vows work together to give meaning to this life--than I have in a long time or maybe ever. Mostly I just kind of watch it in action and try to live it myself. The way my head works it likes to have things in nice, logical order. So, I can follow reasons why religious life fits for me, one reason following the other until something sticks and I need more information or insight. Really, the only real answer I have come to is MYSTERY. It's not really an answer. It's like answering, "Because," to a question. But I think it will have to do. It is bigger than me and I may not ever fully understand it. But with my heart at peace and joy in my life, it will be more than enough--I think.

I am going home for a day over Thanksgiving, so I'll try to remember to bring my camera then. Always some interesting shots with my family. Peace and gratitude this week to the hearts of anyone reading.


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  1. Hi Sarah!
    Blessings on your Thanksgiving day with your family. Give them my regards. Thanks for your reflections on your blog. It is both a treat and a comtemplative moment to read them!
    Blessinsg -- Jean R.