September 05, 2006

Zwolle Tamales and a lot more!

Over the Labor Day weekend Sarah, the Novice, and I, the Director of (the) Novice made a trip to Zwolle, Louisiana. It was grand from beginning to end. The primary purpose was to attend the wedding of a godchild of mine, one Bridgette Sepulvado. In addition, I arranged with the pastor of St. Joseph Church for Sarah to give the reflection at three of the four scheduled parish Masses. Do I need to tell you that she was a hit? She gave a wonderful reflection on the Scriptures, weaving into it the story of her own call and extending an invitation to others to consider the possibility that they, too, might be being called in the same way. We laughed, talked, visited and ate lots of good food, including the famous Zwolle Hot Tamales, with many people over our days in Sabine Civil Parish. Having served there myself for 7 years back in the 80's it was an opportunity for me to renew some good friendships. So, this idea of the "Novitiate-on-the-Road" appeals to both Sarah and me. No telling where our next stop might be; keep an eye out for us!

--Pat Quinn, csj


  1. Sounds like a great weekend!!!!
    Just want to know Is this the new community car? far cry from the Cavalier fleet???? Nancy In Georgia

  2. Wow! You and Sarah really fit that car! I had a wonderful time visiting with you. See ya soon!

    Alisha Martinez

  3. Alisha,
    Sarah shared with us in the novitiate community about you coming over to their house. All the best. If you're ever in St. Louis, make sure to drop in. Peace, Amy

  4. YES!! Sounds terrific! I am planning to visit on my next quarter break! I would love to meet everyone. I am very interested in the novitiate community and would love to learn more. -Alisha

  5. I loved your Zwolle adventure! What a creative Novice Director and Novice we have!! Sarah, I also enjoyed your article in the PNN!! A woman of many talents!!

    Looking forward to our visit later this month!!

    Pat Bober

  6. Sisters:
    You'll definitely have to put the hood up on that convertible when you trek north to WI in February!
    Blessings to you!
    Alexandra (Lex) Guliano