September 13, 2006

Coming Back

What's it like being in the Novitiate after sixty-three years? For me being a support member of the team is exciting. Community has always been extremely important to me, so I am enjoying the challenge of beginning and being a part of this new adventure.

I've been a participating member of the Los Angeles Province for twenty-four years. Coming back to St. Louis has always been my desire, so I feel the Spirit worked in getting me back for this special mission. However, there has been and still is a huge challenge I am facing. I'm having problems getting faces and names together. Please don't be offended if I ask your name more than two times. It can be overwhelming. Everyone has certainly gone all-out to welcome me. It is a blessing to be back, even though the climate is also a challenge. What will winter be like?

--Sr. Paula

1 comment:

  1. Paula,
    So glad you are back in the St Louis Province.... the transition takes time.. be gentle and patient with yourself and remember you are such a gift to all of us.
    Nancy in Atlanta